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Lions Cancer Detection Centre Trust

Lions Cancer Detection Centre Trust, Surat is working at New Civil Hospital Campus, Majura Gate, Surat. Every year, more then 50,000 patients take benefit of our various departments. Our Cancer Hospital provides free of cost treatment & other services to economically poor and needy patients. More than 10 lakh patients have benefitted in the past 50 years.


Why Choose Us?

Professional Doctors

Our reputation for outstanding care and family-like atmosphere, together with advanced medical technology and facilities.


We will work as one team to deliver world-class patient care; by combining the strength of each individual, we will accomplish more together.

Over 50 years of experience

We believe that patient and family-centred care is integral to all our operations. The patient is our first priority and at the core of our efforts. Everything we do must meet or exceed the expectations of our Patients and their Families.

Patient online services

Patient online services will help patients arrange appointments, secure medical records and review online clinical notes.

Emergency services

We are committed to build trust through ethical practices, direct communication and transparency. We strive to be honest and forthright.

We have experienced Doctor's.

we attract leading consultants and specialists from the industry to work with us. All our clinicians are board-certified and come with very high credentials within their field of speciality. Many of our consultant doctors are internationally recognised as well.